Splash Dasher Of The Week - Louise Johnson

This week Louise Johnson is our Splash Dasher Of The Week! Congratulations Louise! :)

You could be our Splash Dasher Of The Week next week, just send your answers to the questions below and a photo to events@claire-house.org.uk. Anyone featured will get a Splash Dash T-Shirt, Splash Dash Glasses and a Claire House Wristband!

What’s your name? Louise Johnson

Where are you from? Greasby, Wirral

What’s your occupation? Scientist

What’s your favourite colour? Purple

Why are you getting involved in the Claire House Splash Dash? For fun, to keep fit and raise money for a great cause with my friends and family

What do you like to do to have fun? Make cakes and meet up with friends

What colour related song would you like adding to the Splash Dash playlist? Firework (lots of colours)- katy perry

Liverpool One are sponsoring The Claire House Splash Dash, if you were heading to Liverpool One for the day which shop would you head to first? John Lewis

What is your Splash Dash Name (to get this name you need to combine the colour of the underwear you are wearing now with your first pets name)? Blue Lucy Anna

Complete the following Splash Dash Poem: Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I’m doing the Splash Dash, running fast, having fun and getting multicoloured too.