Splash Dasher Of The Week - Debbie Smith


This is our lovely colleague Debbie Smith with her great Splash Dash Sunglasses. We will make sure this is the last time you see her so neat. Next time she will be completely covered in paint! Wahooooo! What are you doing on the 27th September?

Congratulations Debbie for being the Splash Dasher Of The Week!

What’s your name? Debbie Smith

Where are you from? Southport

What’s your occupation? Area Fundraiser at Claire House Children’s Hospice

What’s your favourite colour? Blue

Why are you getting involved in the Claire House Splash Dash? I only started at Claire House in January, so this is my first Splash Dash. It looks so much and is a great event for everyone to be involved with! All the photos from last year look amazing and any previous Splash Dashers that I have spoken to have raved about it!

What do you like to do to have fun? Along with some of my Claire House colleagues, I have signed up for Tough Mudder, so right now all my free time for fun activities is taken up with running and training for it. So at the moment fun for me is relaxing with a (strong) gin and tonic on the sofa and not worrying about how many miles I can run!

What colour related song would you like adding to the Splash Dash playlist? Pretty Green Eyes – it reminds me of being 13 and going crazy with friends when it came on the radio!

Liverpool One are sponsoring The Claire House Splash Dash, if you were heading to Liverpool One for the day which shop would you head to first? Erm… tough one! Probably a clothes shop like River Island or something typical for a 24year old. If I was being sensible probably somewhere like the home department in Debenhams or John Lewis – I’ve just bought a house and still need so much stuff for it! Oh, I forgot about Krispy Kreme!

What is your Splash Dash Name (to get this name you need to combine the colour of the underwear you are wearing now with your first pets name)? Purple Bobby – this is a weird question.

Complete the following Splash Dash Poem: Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I’m doing the Splash Dash and it’s going to raise lots of cash :)